About Me

My paintings are an expressive exploration of life as I ¬†experience it. “When we listen most attentively to the inner story our hearts tell us about, most of us are aware that the plot revolves around two very different messages, or revelations, that have cried for our attention since we were very young. One has enchanted us while the other has dared us to rise above fear and resignation. The first has come to us in the form of a romancing. Something wonderful woos us. The other lays siege to us in much darker hues and brings with it a foreboding that nags at the edge of our consciousness even on the most sunlit morning” ( Curtis, Brent & Eldridge, John, “The Sacred Romance”, Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1997). The themes that fascinate me are contrasting,origins and destiny, time and eternity, the finite and the infinite. ” I look up at your macro skies, dark and enormous, the moon and stars in their settings; I look at my micro self and wonder why You take a second look our way? Yet You put us in charge of your handcrafted world, repeated to us your Genesis-charge” Psalm 8 v 3 to 6 (The Message). Our lives are woven together like a tapestry. The vertical threads are the strong threads that hold the tapestry secure. They are the Eternal threads, the warp, the Living Word. The weft, the horizontal threads, are the interweaving of human relationships and life experience, to make history, creating a legacy for future generations.


Detail of “River Tapestry”¬† Hazel Patterson.

CatalogueApril05 016

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