Life Begins

037_37When I first realised, that I was carrying a new life within me, all those years ago, I looked for every picture I could find of the developing baby in the womb.I discovered Lennart Nilssons book “A Child is Born” (Bantham Doubleday Dell Pub Group) These incredible pictures of the moments after conception, a few hours after the nuclei had fused, looked like an emerging world in a new galaxy.  ” Surrounded by its transparent wall the blastocyst glides into the uterus, moving over the mucus membrane of the uterus, like a lunar landing” It was beyond exciting to me, to be the bearer of a new life, a tiny human being that I would have the joy of nurturing, inside my own body,  and then at my breast, and on through all the developmental stages of childhood, have the honour  of being a mother, to a new human being. The challenge was full of surprises  and learning and eventually letting go. When my eldest son’s wife Steph, and my daughter Heidi were  expecting their first babies, at the same time,I went back to study the pictures of new life in the womb. The excitement of being an expectant grandparent stirred the wonder I had experienced as an expectant mother and I took up my paint brush to be involved in this creative process agaHazel Patterson

4 thoughts on “Life Begins

  1. Beautiful picture. Congratulations Hazel on the birth of your website. Welcome to blogging. The whole world is at your fingertips. You have dived in, enjoy the river wherever it takes you. Angela


  2. thanks for sharing Hazel, gorgeous work, conception is such a mystery, how does the little cells actually become a seperate life


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