Aram Lilies


As a small child I can remember how beautiful the natural world seemed to me.I remember the tall date palms that bordered the garden of the house where I was born. I remember their  frond like leaves whispering and swaying in the breeze, heavy with clusters of russet coloured fruit. They brought shelter from the intense heat of the mid day sun.

In the garden of our house at Somerset West I first experienced a sense of wonder.I remember the purple bouganvilia that spilled extravagantly over the whitewashed garden walls.I remember the hydrangea bushes with their large clusters of pale pink and blue flowers. I loved to press my face into their extravagant blossoms, and taste the petals. They had a delicate fragrance especially after a shower of rain. There must have been honey suckle in the garden. I remember its sweet smell in the air. I remember the flaming red hot pokers and the spikey flowers of the Protea, flowers indigenous to South Africa. This garden was a paradice to me as a little girl.

My brother David and I played outdoors, bare footed and sun burned. There were picnics to the beach and fishing trips with our parents to the Steam Brass river. In summer time the fields by the river side were white with Aram lilies. We gathered the lilies to bring home with us to our mother. They graced our sitting room with  the simplicity of their elegant beauty. I think Aram lilies are some of my favourite flowers. They remind me, in their careless splendour that God breathes His life and glory into His creation. Why should we worry or fret?

Why be ” worried about our clothing, see how the lilies of the field grow.They do not toil or spin, yet not even Solomon in all His glory clothed himself like one of these… if God so clothes the lilies of the field, here today and gone tomorrow, will he not much more clothe  you?” Matthew 6 v 28 and 29. So don’t be anxious, think about the lilies.

Lilies 4

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