“As the Deer longs for flowing streams”

“The psalmist describes the soul’s longing for fellowship with God, as an intense thirst for flowing water, like a deer who reaching the point of exhaustion, “pants for the water brooks” (Psalm 42 v 1)

As The Deer 4

This sensitive noble creature has the light footed grace to scale the mountain heights (Psalm 18 v 33) yet the deer comes to the point of fainting before it reaches renewal and drinks from refreshing streams. If it can find the river’s source it’s thirst will be quenched and it’s strength renewed.

In psalm 42 David says that his soul has come to the point of collapse yearning for the presence of God, yet he still has confidence that at the point where all human energy is exhausted God will meet with him and pour out His refreshing presence.

In my etching, the figure is naked and still. There is no hiding place from it’s Creator. The hand of God is stretched out to give streams of refreshing, waterfalls of grace, and the shy deer watches on. The heart shape in the deer reflects the human heart ‘s longing. The psalmist encourages us not to loose heart.

” Put your hope in God,

for I will yet praise Him,

my Saviour and my God” ( Psalm 42 v 11)

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